How to go zero waste:kids edition

We all most probably know that being zero waste has become an even bigger thing as issues with our planet start to arise. It is hard to become a person that is zero waste even ignoring the fact that it can be near impossible to do as a child. So here are some tips for the kid who just wants to help.

Tip no.1

Ask your guardian if instead of plastic bags or ‘bags for life’ to bring a paper bag or a fabric bag to the store next time you shop.

Tip no.2

Try and find yummy snacks in less or no packaging and slowly try to get your family to transition to better zero waste options slowly decreasing your waste.

Tip no.3

Try and opt for bar soap that comes in paper packaging or look for reusable razors. Those are just some of the bathroom transition ideas. You can also: use a bamboo toothbrush, use less individual cleaning products, buy less toilet paper . And a bonus too to save water is to time your showers and turn the tap OFF when you are brushing your teeth.

Tip no.4

Get your guardian to invest in a compost. Dare I say you can save the earth with a few worms! You can research for more depth of the construction and feeding process but here are the basics.

  • Get a small box and fill with composting soil
  • Add worms to your box as they help with the composting.
  • Finally, just add you good peels and leftovers.

Tip no.5

Finally, brainstorm your own ideas like if you have siblings, you could plant a vegetable and make it a project to get them in on the green spirit.

-Good bye kids